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Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm EST
it -- i thought of donald segretti. don had been a roommate at u.s.c. and was just leaving the judge advocate's position in the army. i thought, don -- he is very anonymous and would fit in and could do this kind of thing. >> what happened to segretti? >> he went to jail, too. i actually met segretti. he was that close to doing an interview -- i talked to him twice. he was almost ready to do an interview and he didn't do one for the project. >> why? >> i don't know why. he didn't tell me why. >> he lives in california now? >> i really should not say. i found out where he lived as a result of my job. >> for the record, a couple of things. people who want to see the entire interviews should go to, or come to us and our video library. and find a lot of these interviews. also for the record -- you are now an american citizen. >> yes, i was when i did the job. i became a u.s. citizen in 2005. >> you were educated at harvard and yale and johns hopkins. >> i have a b.. a. from yale and an m.a. in john's hopkins and m.a. and ph.d. from harvard in history. >> george shu
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1